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ALIVE!  Media Control

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ALIVE! Media Control is the all-in-one ActiveX GUI development
suite for creating multi-state, buttons, toggle switches, LED's and multi-state indicators.

Members get free updates and upgrades of the software and are granted access to over 200 highly detailed, 3D graphics to create custom controls for application development. The ideal tool for instrumentation, process control, and media development using Visual Basic and other ActiveX compatible development suites.



Please make a selection below:

wpe3.jpg (5036 bytes) Click Guest Access to download FREE sample ALIVE! Media Control Active Images.

Download ALIVE! Media Control LE and see how easy it is to create custom looking GUI with the sample Active Images.
wpe4.jpg (5508 bytes) Click Members Access if you are a register user of ALIVE! Media Control.

Gain access to your 200+ Active Image library.


Member's Access Includes:

1. Over 200 Active Images (downloadable when you need them)
    a)  2, 3, 4, state buttons and switches
    b)  Navigational buttons
    c)  Toggle switches
    d)  LED's
    e)  Multistate indicators

     All Active Images where developed utilizing 3D design software to
     create stunning, highly graphical, objects that resemble real-world
     objects.  Create your own custom GUI with quickly with ease!

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