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XC GAUGES provide developers with instant results and a custom GUI look like never before. Custom gauge design available.
gaug01a.JPG (19887 bytes) XC GAUGES have the look of real-world gauges, adding realism to your user interface.

Develop control systems for instrumentation processes seamlessly and rapidly. 

XC GAUGES enables you to quickly integrate gauge controls designed for your specific needs. All of the properties are highly configurable.

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Each XC Gauge has 51 property options!
Customize your XC GAUGE to meet your demanding needs.
Each gauge can be configured and adapted to create thousands of new gauge styles and functions. 

Easy Integration
XC GAUGES is compatible with most software packages that support
32bit ActiveX, OCX, OLE Objects.  Enhance your GUI in Visual Basic, Wonderware, Intellution and other development suites.


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