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ALIVE! Media Control

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The last ActiveX GUI component you will need to create highly intricate multistate switches, button switches, toggle switches, navigational buttons, LED's, and multistate indicators.

Registered users get access to the Active Images Memebr's Archive of over 200 highly graphical images ready for use in you applications.

FREE Active Images
The Active Images below are a small sample of the over 200 Active Images available to registered users. Become an instant member when you register ALIVE! Media Control.

ALIVE! Media Control LE to try the Active Images. Click Here


Button Samples

Toggle Switch Samples

LED / Indicator Samples


*Please note - some of the samples above will not accurately represent how the Active Image will actually appear in an application due to the limitations of ALIVE! Media  Control LE. Example: masking is disabled in the LE version.

When you register ALIVE! Media Control Active Images have masking capabilities to mask out the black or irregular shapes of the background

of each image.
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